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Rexoseal RV Waterproofing Sealants

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The Original Membrane Reinforced Waterproofing Solution

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Why Rexoseal?

We offer a unique DIY Solution to your Waterproofing Needs! We created a unique process of embedding Reinforcing Membrane between Rexoseal Sealants to strengthen the seams and create a Strong Waterproof Barrier. Rexoseal is a DIY Cost-Effective, High-Quality Product that will Stop Your Leaks Permanently! Rexoseal outperforms the competition with a unique blend of high-performing resins from the latest technological advances in sustainable water-based systems.


I took off all the rubber roof, the plywood and foil and replaced the plywood and coated the whole roof with rubber then added the cloth and two more coats of rubber looks great and should last a long time good product.

David Noury

Hello Anthony. After the first coat the temperature was into the 80’s and I was able to work on it comfortably. I did the entire job myself, and I am 62 ½ years old, so most people should be able to do this. Great stuff! I LOVE this stuff, so happy that I got it


I have taken the trailer on a short trip and it rained most of the time. I found no leaks and was very impressed in the ease of this product. Thanks again and I will get you the rest of what I can on Wednesday.

Michael Grover

Replacing a roof in Bath PA USA. I have taken the trailer on a short trip and it rained most of the time. Found no leaks and was very impressed with the ease of this product.

John Laury

Great product for re-doing my RV roof from scratch! No more leak or leak points!

Lano Tondu