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DIY, RV Roof Restoration, 4 gallon Kit restores an RV roof up to 30 feet

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Elastomeric Roof Coating. Restores an RV Roof up to 30’ long. A unique process of embedding a reinforcing membrane between Rexoseal,s RV Elastomeric Roof Coating. Includes 4 gals. Of Rexoseal RV, 5” x 125’ of reinforcing membrane, an 8 oz bottle of Rexoclean, a 7” paint brush, a 3” paint brush, a pole sander with screen, a 9.5” paint roller and a scrub brush.


Advantages of Rexoseal’s RV Roofing System

  • Easy do-it-yourself system and instructional videos with no special tools or skills required.
  • Fully adhered, lightweight and less costly installation.
  • Silane modified to improve tensile strength, elasticity, corrosion resistance, and adhesion to inorganic substrates.
  • Extremely tough with added UV protection to withstand extreme environmental conditions.
  • No inexpensive calcium carbonate whitening fillers which chalk and wash off over time.
  • Non-hazardous reinforcing minerals added to provide whiteness, prevent cracks with a very high durability, gloss retention and chalk resistance for exterior applications.
  • High solids content (55 to 60%).
  • Can be applied over wood, metal, aluminum, concrete, rubber and fibreglass.
  • Once applied, seams will be completely sealed and you will never have to use caulking again.
  • Maintains flexibility in extreme cold and hot conditions.
  • Added mildewcide and microcide protection against mould, algae and microbial growth.
  • Easy maintenance for the life of the roof.
  • Environmentally friendly and non-flammable.
  • Custom colours available.
  • 10 year limited warranty, but with periodic recoating will last the lifetime of the RV.

Additional information

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 17 in
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