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Rexoseal Clear Protective Coating

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Rexoseal Clear Protective Coating is a highly flexible epoxy-urethane transparent coating designed to penetrate and protect roof shingles. It is also designed to be applied over Rexoseal Elastomeric Coatings such as Rexoseal RV and Rexoseal 2000. Rexoseal Clear Protective Coating has excellent adhesion and superior UV and mildew resistance that prevents the degradation of underlying substrates or coatings. Once dry it becomes a seamless, protective durable transparent membrane with excellent dirt resistance.

Advantages of Rexoseal’s Clear Protective Coating

  • Locks shingle granules in place permanently!
  • Helps shingles stay in place in high-windy areas.
  • Extends the life of roof shingles indefinitely.
  • Adds an extra layer of UV Protection to withstand extreme environmental conditions and increases the lifespan of your existing substrate or coating.
  • 100% Epoxy-Urethane with superior adhesion technology and water repellency.
  • Rexoseal is a Water-Based Sealant that doesn’t need to be applied all in one day, unlike other coatings that need to have a catalyst mixed in forcing you to complete the job in a short time-frame.
  • Rexoseal is an Easy User-Friendly Do-It-Yourself Application, NO special tools or skills required just apply by brush, roller or industrial sprayer!
  • Rexoseal is totally Safe To Work With and easy to clean up with just soap and water!
  • Maintains Flexibility in extreme hot and cold conditions.
  • Rexoseal DOES NOT chalk and wash off!
  • Added Mildewcide and Microbicide Protection against mould, algae and microbial growth.
  • Rexoseal is Environmentally Friendly and non-flammable.
  • Rexoseal Clear Protective Coating comes with a 5 Year Limited Warranty, but with periodic recoating will protect your roof indefinitely.
  • Most important of all we offer old fashioned customer service and we’re here to help!

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1 Gal. – 160 sq. ft. to 320 sq. ft., 5 Gal. – 750 sq. ft. to 1500 sq. ft.

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