How Rexoseal Began

In my last business, we used to design and manufacture kitchen cabinet knobs and handles and started working with a large hardware distributor; but we soon discovered our designs were being copied and sent overseas to be manufactured. 

So, we decided to sell our machines and start with something new.

Since I have always been an entrepreneur and worked for myself, it took me many years to decide what I would do next. I started repairing roofs with a friend and soon found out many of the leaks come from a seam or a crack in the roof, and it wasn’t sufficient to coat the area with a sealant because the crack would reappear within a few months. 

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Severe shrinkage and weathering of asphalt shingles by DMahalko via Wikimedia Commons.

I got the idea while helping a friend install drywall in his basement while we were embedding a screen between the joint compound. It took months of research and tests until I found a reinforcing membrane with the properties I was looking for. The next step was to find a sealant that I would be satisfied to use with the reinforcing membrane. 

Subsequently, I went to local hardware stores and bought whatever they had and tested it on different substrates, but to my surprise they were all not up to par. 

That is when I decided I would develop my own rubberized sealant with the latest water-based technology where quality not price comes first. It took me 3 years of testing different formulations until I narrowed it down to one.

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Using Rexoseal products to seal a roof by Rexoseal via YouTube.

 I made tests on different substrates in real world conditions, such as: extreme cold, hot and humid climates, and the results were positive. To ensure the formulation would last for many years, I sent it to an independent lab in the US and the results were the same. 

After being confident my coating was of the highest quality, I decided in 2010 to start Infinite Polymer Solutions inc., and I am proud to say not one customer has said their roof still leaks after all these years. 

How Rexoseal RV was Conceived

Originally, it was designed to be applied over residential and commercial roofs, but one morning my postman asked me if he could use it over his mother’s camper. I sold him 1 Gallon of Rexoseal and showed him how to apply the reinforcing membrane on all the seams. 

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One of our ‘How To’ videos during an RV patch up by Rexoseal via YouTube.

A week later, he told me how it stopped all the leaks and how easy it was to apply, so that got me thinking this could be a good niche market. I researched RV roofs and found out a leaking roof is the number one concern for RV owners, so I decided to mostly focus on RVs by educating people with ‘How To’ videos and trade shows on how they can do-it-themselves correctly at an affordable price.

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