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Here Are Some Basement Waterproofing Tips You Should Know

Here Are Some Basement Waterproofing Tips You Should Know Perhaps one of the most overlooked parts of any house is the basement. And while this is certainly no fault of the homeowner (to some degree), it is nonetheless important to know the utility and importance of waterproofing your basement. After all, if you neglect to…

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How to Repair an EPDM Rubber Roof

While it is not one of the more frequently used roofing types, it is nonetheless helpful to those who have rubberized roofs—also known as ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EPDM. If you want to make efficacious, long-lasting and resilient repairs to your EPDM roofing system, then you will require specific materials and preparation for the…

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How to Waterproof Your Flat Roof in 5 Easy Steps

In almost any given temperate climate situation regardless of where you live, it’ll likely rain at some point—albeit to varying degrees. Given this inevitability (aside from the more arid regions), and the specific type of roof you have, you would be best to assess whether yours needs to be waterproofed in the event of a…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Repair Your Shed Roofing Early and Often

For many people, sheds are some of their most prized side projects that hold nostalgia aside from warmth and shelter.  Unfortunately, however, sheds can succumb to the elements quite easily because it lacks many of the foundational facets of a traditional home. But when the time comes to address glaring issues with your shed—i.g. sagging,…

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Rexoseal RV FAQs

An RV roof restoration by Rexoseal via YouTube. What maintenance is required after application of the Rexoseal system?                                                     Just clean with a mild soap and water, no power washing. How…

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Why Use Rexoseal for Your DIY Roof Restoration Needs

A DIY RV roof restoration procedure by Rexoseal via YouTube. To begin, you can browse from videos on our website and a brochure in the kit with step-by-step instructions for DIY roof restoration. Each kit has been measured so you will have enough to restore your roof. For example, a 5 gallon kit will restore…

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How Rexoseal Began

1024px Failure of asphalt shingles allowing roof leakage

In my last business, we used to design and manufacture kitchen cabinet knobs and handles and started working with a large hardware distributor; but we soon discovered our designs were being copied and sent overseas to be manufactured.  So, we decided to sell our machines and start with something new. Since I have always been…

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Here Are Some Ways to Waterproof Your RV

1280px 1978 GMC Motorhome RV 35987115361

Whether you live in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, endure the frigid winters in the upper Midwest or even the more humid, murky autumns in the South, you would be prudent to waterproof your RV before your next excursion.  By preventing potential water hazards of potentially pilfering the interior of your RV, you greatly increase…

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RV Roof Sealant: Make Sure Your RV Is Ready For Winter

RV roof after being waterproofed with RV roof sealant

Summer was fun but we’re already far into the fall and winter is fast approaching. For all you RV owners this can be a daunting time. The rain and snowfall that comes along with the end of year seasons can put a lot of pressure on your mobile home, campsite, or adventure vehicle. Roof leaks…

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Foundation Cracks: How To Handle The Potential Damage

Foundation cracks

One of the scariest things you can hear as a homeowner is “there’s a problem with your foundation.” When the foundation cracks, the bill can quickly add up. Even the smallest of cracks can let water from the outside in causing flooding in your basement or lower level. Below we’ll explain why cracks form in…

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